Interview with Matt Pascall, First Quantum Minerals, Director Operations, on updates from Kansanshi and some of the current challenges of operating from Zambia.

Matt Pascal,FQM, Director Operations

Matt Pascal,First Quantum Minerals, Director Operations

Following the decline in the price of copper, what strategies is First Quantum employing at Kansanshi to ensure profitability?

First Quantum has to remain efficient at Kansanshi. Currently, Kansanshi operates in the lower 40-50 cost percentile. This means that, should the price of copper drop, most of the copper operations worldwide would start feeling severe pressure before Kansanshi does.Continue Reading

Interview with Deon Heyns, Managing Director, Barloworld Equipment Zambia on the importance of involving local communities around mining projects and the company’s overall assessment of working in Zambia.

Deon Heyns

Deon Heins – Barloworld Equipment

“Following early indications of a slowdown in the mining cycle in the final months of 2013, 2014 has confirmed the downward trend on the back of slower growth in China… However, the long-term fundamentals for Zambia remain good and we remain positive on the country’s future outlook.”

“The Barloworld Equipment theme on community development initiatives in Zambia in 2014 is “Let’s grow together”

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Interview with Didier Tilman, General Manager, Katanga, Rawbank on the bank’s interaction with the retail and SMEs segments of the market in the DRC

Didier Tilman, General Manager Katanga, Raw Bank

Didier Tilman, General Manager Katanga, Raw Bank

Rawbank began its commercial operations in the DRC in May 2002 and today you are celebrating your 12th anniversary in the country. Could you provide us with a brief overview to the bank?
Rawbank is a fourth generation privately owned bank that was created 12 years ago by the Rawji family in the DRC. The bank was established at a time when the country’s banking industry was in difficulty and 12 years later we developed in the largest bank in the country in terms of total deposits, loan portfolio and total equity.

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Interview with Gordon Backuisen, Territory Manager Sub Saharan Africa, Boart Longyear on developments at Kibali and Tenke Fungurume mine and the advantages of sonic drilling in the Copperbelt.

Boart Longyear

“To be successful in a country like the DRC drilling contractors need to be versatile, flexible and able to offer complete services”

“In the Copperbelt Sonic Drilling is appropriate as for both the Zambian and the DRC sides of the belt, the top 80 m. ground layer is badly fractured, with caves and mudflows, making any technique for drilling complicated.”Continue Reading

Interview with Ivan Muir, Managing Director, SGS Inspection Services Ltd on the challenges of operating from the Copperbelt and SGS’s visions in the region.

Ivan Muir, SGS Inspection Services

Ivan Muir, SGS Inspection Services

“Our facility in Zambia is equipped with the same standard quality control procedures that exist throughout our network of over 110 laboratories.”

“Being independent is important, as it entails having no affiliations with mining companies, commodity buyers or sellers or government entities that could be construed to affect our independence or impartiality.”

SGS provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Could you provide us with an overview of the company in Zambia?
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